Pastry shop

Tradition, experience and passion are three inseparable ingredients that distinguish our philosophy in our family pastry production. Our family started the business in 1959 and has carried over the values with courage and enthusiasm.

We are passionate and delighted to spark and please a guilty palate, creating a delicacy for the eyes and for the taste.

Imagine our fond culture in our enchanted land, with the pristine lush green hills, the ancient villages and the splendor of the Sea, the setting of the beautiful island we live in, with the warm colors of its ancient trees than turn into almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios and then explore: You are in the land of the Sun: Sicily!

A "triangle of Paradise, where the humble work beats the streets of the ancient villages. Our pastry shop offers exclusive artisanal and high quality specialties, with a rich assortment of typical regional recipes: among our creations there are: almond pastries, the "cuddure", the pistachio hearts, the crunchy hazelnut and nougats, which are based on our old Sicilian tradition by using the highest quality ingredients.